The new super colourful website and the contest “Create your own Smemo”!

Every year almost a million kids personalise their Smemoranda diary. Now, up to January 18th anyone can design his own ideal Smemo thanks to the contest “Create your own Smemo”: the result might turn into a real paper, glue and ink diary!

Participating is easy: all you have to do is fill in the application form, choose your colours, images, redesign the cover and unleash your creativity. The users themselves will be the ones to choose the 40 finalist covers: in fact from January 25th on, they will be able to vote their favourite Smemos on the contest’s website. Smemoranda’s internal jury will award the prizes by March 25th. 2019.

The prizes to be won include: the publication of the best Smemo in a special edition, a 3000 euro money scholarship and many other prizes: a Kaplan study holiday in the United Kingdom, two Wiko smartphones (View2 Go and View2 Plus models), an E-Learning Kaplan English course, bags by Nava Design, MH Way, S bag and S.O.B. waterproof backpacks.

The “Create your own Smemo” contest has been designed in collaboration with Kaplan International English, Wiko, Nava Design and MH Way.

The new website

Besides the contest, now has a totally new, super colourful graphic look and brand new functions to always be in step with its users. As usual, inside there are lots of stories, Giodo’s Cynical Horoscope (Giovanna Donini), smemo-interviews, cartoons and lots of reports on events, news and things to read, look at, listen to and play with. And all this made even more attractive by the original illustrations by the graphic designer Laurina Paperina.

Publishing collaborations with the non-profit world also continue on with the children in the paediatric infectious diseases department of the Sacco Hospital of Milan, with the B.Live association and with Telefono Azzurro for the Sbullizzati report.

Furthermore, thanks to the new click button “Write to Smemo”, registered users will be able to easily and quickly upload photos and videos, personal stories and thoughts to be shared among other Smemo friends or even suggest news and events to the community. And last but not least, there’ll be the great archive of all Smemos, with thousands of texts and cartoons published from ‘79 until today!