Smemoranda Temporary Store opens at Torino Porta Nuova

The first Smemoranda temporary store has opened at the Station of Torino Porta Nuova. Until September 30th 2019, travellers and visitors passing through the station will have the possibility of discovering the Smemo universe, from its new diaries to all the eco-friendly S bags.

Smemoranda’s concern for the environment is also highlighted by the micro-perforated adhesive print, which transforms the temporary store’s window into a green forest recalling the 160 thousand trees that have been planted and are managed in the Oltrepò Pavese by Pavia’s Forestry Consortium in order to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacturing of the diary. In fact, Smemoranda is the only Zero Emissions diary produced 100% in Italy: its woods may be visited in the municipalities of Pavia, Mezzana Bigli, Bastida Pancarana and Monticelli Pavese.


The new temporary store in Turin is a world offering the collections and products of the Smemoranda brand at the very heart of the city, a strategic position which sees a daily flow of 192 thousand people.

In a space of about 30 sq. meters, visitors will be able to take a look at: the new Smemoranda 2020 diaries (Classic and Special Edition, All Black, UNI and Random), Smemoranda knapsacks and Smemo-Eastpak and the collection of ecologic S bags produced using recycled PET bottles.
Giving the store that final touch are all the fun rotairs hanging from the ceiling that recall the stickers contained in the new Smemoranda 2020 diary.