Smemoranda at Teen Parade 2018

On 5th and 6th September, Smemoranda will be at Teen Parade 2018 at  Bologna Fair. The festival, organized by Radioimmaginaria, aims to encourage young people to choose their own  path in school and in their career.

During Teen Parade, Smemoranda will imagine  with teenagers their ideal diary and organize some activities for the teenagers, together with its partners Bic and Kaplan. On 5th September 5 (from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.), an afternoon with the drawer Francesco Guarnaccia, one of Smemo’s youngest collaborators. During the event, Francesco will draw for the public and tell about his work.

At Teen Parade  teenager will have fun also with skatepark and parkour area, drones and poetry challenges, and live music by Luca Carboni,Stato Sociale, Tedua, Cris Brave.