The new Smemoranda 2019 CIAO themed Diary!

On Tuesday June 26th, the new Smemoranda 2019 diary was officially presented during a press conference at Casa Emergency in Milan. The directors Gino&Michele and Nico Colonna introduced the new edition of the 16 month diary. During the event Gino Strada, the founder of Emergency, with whom Smemoranda has been collaborating for years, Radioimmaginaria, Elianto, Fabio Treves and Ivan Tresoldi took the floor.

The theme of the 2019 Smemoranda diary is CIAO!, that four lettered word that is the simple, universal and unmistakable greeting. It’s the short word exchanged amongst kids in classrooms, corridors and it is in these two syllables that kilometers and kilometers of thoughts, expectations, dreams and stories seem to be hidden away.

In the diary, there are lots of collaborators, who have told about their most important CIAO! : Antonio Albanese, Ale and Franz*, Alessandro Barbero, Enrico Bertolino, Claudio Bisio, Boiler, Boomdabash*, Martin Castrogiovanni, Charlie Charles*, Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, Don Luigi Ciotti, Antonio Dikele Distefano*, Andrea Dovizioso, Sfera Ebbasta, Finley, Fabio Geda, Fraffrog and RichardHTT*, Paolo Giordano*, Cristiana Girelli*, iPantellas, Ivan, Izi*, Emis Killa*, Luciano Ligabue, Luciana Littizzetto, Marco Locatelli*, Stefano Mancinelli, Måneskin*, Marta e Gianluca, Teresa Mannino, Maxime Mbandà*, Francesca Michielin*, Mika, Antonio Ornano*, Matteo Piano*, Rkomi*, Martina Rosucci*, Federico Russo, Nicola Savino, Roberto Saviano, Milan Skriniar*, Mika, Francesco Sole*, Gino Strada, Miriam Sylla*, Licia Troisi, Bebe Vio, Checco Zalone*. E i disegni di Altan, Bertolotti e De Pirro, Caviglia*, Coletto, Corradi, Creanza, Daw, De Donno, Deco, Dr. Pira, Elfo, Guarnaccia, Laurina Paperina, Lise and Talami*, Lunari, Maicol & Mirco, Marilungo, Menetti, Migneco and Amlo, Natali, Natangelo, Persichetti Bros, Ponchione, Tuono Pettinato. (* New Entry of the year 2019)

Six colours and three formats for ten different covers now exist for the Smemoranda classic version. Then there is the Smemo Special Edition with three special covers: the exchangeable card cover in black or pink, and the gold and platinum ones.

Even this year, Smemo contains the cynical and romantic horoscope by Giovanna Donini accompanied by Sergio Ponchione’s drawings , comics, quotations, famous jokes or just ones fished out from the web, detachable cards, games, stickers and lots of free pages for your notes and thoughts.
Smemoranda is also: All Black Smemo, Smemoranda UNI for university students, and the latest born into the family, Random, a bit block notes, a bit diary and a bit planner.