S bag is presented, the new brand of ecological bags by Smemoranda

S bag, the new Smemoranda brand name to safeguard the environment, has recently been presented in Milan. It’s an exclusive line of ecological bags and eco sustainable knapsacks for work and leisure time created by the designers of the historical brand Nava Design. The event was hosted at the Nava flagship store in Via Durini 2.


Products featuring an iconic, minimal, elegant, capacious and functional line have taken shape from innovative and completely recycled fabrics. The contemporary, light and resistant S bags are dedicated to people loving a metropolitan style and with an eco-friendly spirit.


The S bag collection comes in eco-sustainable fabrics obtained from the recycling of PET bottles (550 ml). Thanks to last generation machines, PET bottles are polymerized, successively transformed into yarn and employed to produce fabrics with a natural hand: light and resistant, just perfect for manufacturing bags and knapsacks. The polyester obtained from the recycling of PET bottles is used for the external fabric and the lining of all the products of the S bag collection. Every item of the S bag line bears a label with the number of recycled bottles used for its production.


Owning an S bag doesn’t only mean having an ecological and design bag but actually implies embracing a very good idea. It means transforming waste into a resource. The uncontrolled consumption of plastic is suffocating our seas and our planet. But plastic may be turned into a resource, the foundation for a new productive cycle once its first life is over: all you have to do is recycle it.

Smemoranda has always supported good ideas and in order to compensate for C02 emissions caused by the production of its famous diary, it has planted thousands of trees in the course of the years. Today Smemoranda takes the shape of an essential and at the same time innovative brand: S bag.

For any further information: www.smemoranda.it/sbag-borse-ecologiche/