S-Paper, eco-friendly planners and notebooks by Smemoranda

Smemoranda presents S-Paper, the new line of eco-friendly diary/planners and notebooks by Smemoranda, 100% made in Italy.
S-Paper diary/planners and notebooks speak for themselves, having covers made in regenerated leather in two colours, black and brown. Resistant, water-repellant and long lasting, regenerated leather is a natural material derived from the wastes of leather fibres of bovine origin. This material is much appreciated not only for its qualities but also because it solves some of the problems tied to leather production wastes: instead of ending up in the rubbish dump and taking a toll on our environment, they are recovered and treated to give life to new items.

Inside the S-paper diary/planners and notebooks, one will also find a list of some of the world’s endangered places, like the Amazon Rainforest, the Glaciers of the Alps and the Maldives’ Archipelago: amazing places that are to be remembered not only on World Earth Day but on every single day of the year. All this to foster a world that is a little more sustainable.

For Smemoranda, which ever since 2005 has planted and managed, in the course of the years, more than 160.000 trees to be able to offer Zero Emission diary/planners, this is an undying principle. And this holds true whether they be intended for children or for adults.