The New Smemoranda 2020 #maisenza Diary is here


The new Smemoranda 2020 diary is finally here with an edition dedicated to all those things you just can’t live without! Stories, music and drawings from paper to smartphones, with extra contents on Whatsapp and a special collaboration with Spotify.

And let’s not forget the environment and the 160.000 trees planted by Smemoranda and managed by the Forestry Consortium of Pavia to compensate for CO2 emissions.

Smemo 2020 comes in 6 colours for 10 different cover versions: printed metallic grey, opaque black, pearlescent lilac, metallic blue, sky blue, and magenta (three formats: S, M, L).

At the press conference presenting Smemo 2020 held at Casa Emergency in Milan the following people participated: Nico Colonna, Gino and Michele, the directors of the diary, Rosella Miccio president of Emergency together with Gino Strada, Roberto Saviano and Luna Melis with Radioimmaginaria.



Never Without Smemo

The number printed on the new edition of Smemoranda is an important one: 2020 is a round, perfect almost science fiction sounding number. A number that seems to come directly from… the future! So waiting to dash across the finish line, the theme of the new Smemo, #maisenza (#neverwithout), was conceived to embrace an infinite number of passions and daily details but also all of the inspirations from the near future.

The title with which many of the collaborators of the new Smemo had to work with was in fact “Never without”. Never without a love, a friendship, a passion. A poem like the one composed for the occasion by Gino&Michele, a backup like in the case of Licia Troisi and Claudio Bisio who have a lot to say about the saving of their “file”.

Never without a motorbike for Dovizioso, never without music for Luna Melis, Emis Killa and Charlie Charles and the more the merrier! And then of course, Smemo is also (rather, above all!) Never without those fundamental values like friendship, solidarity, ecology and the respect for the place we live in and the people we hang out with.

Never without the utopias that can change the world, like those of Gino Strada. Never without freedom, as Roberto Saviano writes. Never without a word of encouragement for others as the champion Bebe Vio suggests. And again: never spend your life without trying to make a difference as Fabio Geda recommends. And never without desire, which is like the driving force behind all things, as Mika says: you can’t touch it or taste it but without desire one just loses the joy of life.

And Never without a social cat, the new entry GattodiM@#£ that will answer all your existential doubts with feline cynicism, by means of the address; his adventures start with the diary and will continue on the web in the course of the school year.

In short, the directors of the diary Nico Colonna and Gino&Michele have given the authors, sports people, singers, artists and writers carte blanche to tell their stories, stories which we can never do without. And even this year we’ve seen some really extraordinary ones! And we’ll continue to see them on the diaries of people who cannot live without Smemoranda.

Smemo Special Edition

This year Smemoranda’s special editions follow the trend of the moment:

1. The first is inspired by the trendy use of Patches that were in fashion in the 80ties and which have had a comeback thanks to their application on jeans, jackets and accessories. That’s why your Smemo is like your favourite pair of jeans, with its denim effect cover and the removable patch that you can detach and reattach and also reuse on other surfaces. The patches in eco-leather are based on two different inspirations: “Don’t panic!” for difficult moments at school and “You make me so happy”, that resorting to the lettering of “old school” tattoos, makes us mad about love (or friendship).

2. The second special edition instead has been conceived “to leave a mark” with the Smemo pencils and a cover, coming in two colours, and which is also a pencil holder. This special edition has an elastic band with lots of fun messages on it that can be reused as you wish and it really makes a difference since it contains three Bic pencils in synthetic resin made out of recycled material. All-over personalization divides the pencil in two with opposite messages: depending upon what you want to communicate, you can decide which side … to sharpen and use! What’s important is leaving a mark and declaring one’s status, as one does on social media.

3. The third Smemo Special has been conceived as a Trend Setter…with its nuances: a striking creation, a blend of shaded colours, which positions our Smemo together with other iconic products but with something extra… a bold message with a sense of belonging: Girl Gang. At a time in which the “girl power” trend becomes more and more widespread and passionate this cover fully represents the mood: determination without losing freshness and colour. This results in 4 different nuances embellished by metallized and iridescent writing and a contrasting closing elastic band.


Collaborators of Smemo 2020

Smemo 2020 has been written by:

Antonio Albanese, Amalgama, Enrico Bertolino, Claudio Bisio, Charlie Charles, Boomdabash, Lorenzo Jiovanotti Cherubini, Anna Danesi, Don Luigi Ciotti, Andrea Dovizioso, Paola Egonu, Ernia, Sfera Ebbasta, Finley, Gazzelle, Fabio Geda, Ghali, Lorenza Ghinelli, Valentina Giacinti, GionnyScandal, iPantellas, Emis Killa, Luciano Ligabue, Nicoletta Manni, Lautaro Martinez, Luna Melis, Mika Rkomi, Federico Russo, Cecilia Salvai, Roberto Saviano, Gino Strada, Filippo Tortu, Licia Troisi, Bebe Vio.

Drawings for Smemoranda 2020 by:

Altan, Andersen, Bertolotti and De Pirro, Caviglia, Coletto, Corradi, Creanza, Daw, De Donno, Deco, Ghetti, Guarnaccia, Laurina Paperina, Lise and Talami, Lunari, Maicol & Mirco, Marilungo, Menetti, Migneco and Almo, Natangelo, Persichetti Bros, Tuono Pettinato.

Even this year,  Smemo contains Giodo’s unmissable cynical and romantic horoscope  with drawings by Tuono Pettinato, comic strips by the most loved artists, quotations, the best jokes by comedians or from the web. And then detachable notes, the countdown to the end of the school year, adhesives and, obviously, many blank pages to take notes, thoughts and to jot down one’s own “Never without”. Of course there are lots of games and brain teasers too and among these two pages of quizzes produced in collaboration with, which  offers one free month of access to the digital Tutor.


Smemoranda on the Web

Smemoranda continues on your smartphone: all you have to do is follow the instructions on the diary and write to the official Smemoranda Whatsapp number (3483989626). In occasion of special dates and even of the craziest World Days selected by the editorial staff, it’s possible to receive exclusive contents signed by Albert Corradi and Laurina Paperina to be shared online.

And never without… music! The greatest news of this year is that Smemo is even on Spotify. The diary’s profile will be updated in the course of the year with a theme playlist selected by the editorial staff and collaborators. Let’s start with the Smemo 2020 Playlist: every musical quotation printed in the diary is associated with a Spotify code; all you have to do is to put it on your Smartphone with the Spotify app to listen to the piece!

And then as usual there’s the website full of news, videos and curiosities that has inaugurated a new colourful graphic look to always keep pace with its users. It features lots of stories to make you laugh and think, stories that can be discussed, commented and easily shared on social networks, where the community following Smemo is certainly a large one: 727 thousand Likes on Facebook, 15.900 followers on Twitter and 44.200 on Instagram. And then there are the smemo-interviews, the cartoons, the horoscope of the month and many features on events, news and things to read, look at, listen to and play with and all this animated by the original illustration of the graphic designer Laurina Paperina.

Editorial collaborations with the non-profit world also continue on there’s Giù la Maschera!, a blog held by kids suffering from chronic diseases against all prejudices; there’s the B.Live association and its many initiatives. And from September on “La Sfatina sfata pregiudizi” created by the comic-strip writer Maicol & Mirco in collaboration with the Guarantor of Children and Adolescent rights of the Municipality of Milan will start. The portal also includes all the stories of kids using Smemo everyday: thanks to the new click “Write to Smemo”, registered users will be  able to download in a simple and immediate way photos and videos, stories and personal thoughts to be shared or otherwise to suggest news and events to the community.

And then to conclude it’ll also feature the great archive of all Smemos, with thousands of texts and comic-strips published from 1979 to today!


Smemoranda is Green

Even for 2020, Smemoranda is the only Zero Emissions diary produced 100% in Italy. Besides the 160 thousand trees planted in the woods of the Oltrepò Pavese, Smemoranda’s commitment in support of ecology continues online: from September special reports on the theme of ecology will be inaugurated on the diary’s portal: special attention will be given to the campaign by Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish activist who is rocking the environmental sensitivity of teenagers all over the world.