MH Way company joins GUT Edizioni Group


MH Way company joins GUT Edizioni Group. Created in 1982 by the designer Makio Hasuike, MH Way gives an unconventional and alternative look at briefcase and travel luggage products. Japanese, with a long experience in Milan where he has worked since 1968, Hasuike turns his own personal research for lightness and essentiality into bags, backpacks and accessories with a strong and understated identity, combining Eastern and Western taste.

Renowned in Italy and abroad, MH Way sold more than 5 million products worldwide. The brand reflects the approach of Makio Hasuike: a path of passion and enthusiasm, packed with ideas and solutions, in a tireless pursuit of new directions, to make it possible to achieve desires. MH Way is a trailblazer of new styles and icons in this sector, and continues to believe in the importance of evolution, because the best ideas are the ones that are still to come.

MH Way joins Nava Design, the other lifestyle & stationery industry company acquired by GUT Edizioni last year. Two complementary brands with a common element: design.

Roberto Ghiringhelli, GUT Group General Manager: “With Nava Design and MH Way, GUT Edizioni founds two brands that totally adhere with our mission. We want to diversify each group’s activities by acquiring brands that already operate in stationery and office supplies business, and at the same time that can potentially expand our direct range into back to school market. We’re therefore interested to brand diversification also on different targets, still in stationery and office products business”.