Gut and Libellula Project fight togheter Violence against Women


The Gut-Smemoranda group has now become part of the a project promoted by Zeta Service, the Libellula Project, the very first italian network of companies, who have joined forces to eliminate violence against women. This is indeed a very topical theme and one which will involve all of the group’s companies in the forefront, with activities of reflection and awareness raising. Joining the Libellula Project, symbolically takes place on November 25th, a date which also coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

A company with many female employees, Gut has decided not to remain indifferent. It has decided to involve all its employees, both men and women, in a process of awareness raising on a phenomenon, which is still dramatically present in Italy and throughout the world. Activities will take place in different phases and will start out with the distribution of an anonymous survey and with training events.



The struggle to eliminate violence against women is also a question of culture and language, since it is through words that the boundaries between what is acceptable and what is not may be drawn”, one reads in the project’s website. “A company with a certain creed, consequently steers its collaborators in a certain direction or at least supplies them with occasions to stop and think. The aim of the Libellula Project is the creation of a network of companies who are willing to work together on what needs to be enhanced to eliminate violence altogether ”.

Culture comes in, Violence goes out
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