The Gut Group will receive the Libellula Project plaque
on October 16th at Palazzo Marino


On Tuesday October 16th 2018, at the Alessi Hall of Palazzo Marino in Milan, the Libellula Project, with the support of the Municipality of Milan, will review the course undertaken and the results obtained after more than a year since the network’s foundation.

During the meeting, the companies involved in the project will receive an acknowledgement from the Municipality of Milan, which at once wants to be a sign of thanks and an encouragement to proceed along the path undertaken. Arianna Cabras, Director of Human Resources will pick up the Plaque for the Libellula Project on behalf of the Gut/Smemoranda Group.

Gut/Smemoranda was one of the first companies to join the Libellula Project, carrying out an important activity of awareness raising inside its company on the very delicate topic of violence against women and gender discrimination.

Thanks to the direct account rendered by the companies and by the collaborators involved in the project, it will be possible to immediately get to know the experiences of the protagonists. Furthermore, updated results, including the latest on-going research data conducted within the companies, will also be presented so as to comprehend in what way the concept of violence, in all its different forms, is truly known and understood by society.

10:00 – Welcome address and opening of the meeting
Lamberto Bertolé, President of the Milan Municipal Council

The Libellula Project, one year later: the course undertaken
Debora Moretti and Marilù Guglielmini, creators of the Libellula Project

Libellula Project and Actionaid
Elisa Visconti, Head of Programme Department, Actionaid Citizenship Programme Development & Sustainability

What happens inside a company
Account by Laura Aurora Bedusi, ETRO Human Resources Director,
Account by a collaborator of a company of the INGO Group

Our research: are our collaborators aware of violence?
Giorgia Ortu La Barbera, scientific project coordinator

Brave Companies: awards to the companies that first joined the Libellula Project

12:30 – Final Considerations and Closing of the Meeting
Beatrice Uguccioni, Vice-president of the Milan Municipal Council