Gut Edizioni becomes Smemoranda Group


Gut Edizioni changes and becomes Smemoranda Group, a name that opens up a new phase for the group. Founded in 1990 as an entrepreneurial subject for the marketing of the Smemoranda diary, over time it has become a holding consisting in six companies: Gut Distribution, Nava Design, Digital Gut, C’Art Group, Crazy Bell and the Zelig Media Company.

The new company name pays homage to Smemoranda, the spark that gave rise to this successful entrepreneurial business. In its first forty years it was capable of marking an era, revolutionizing its market and entering with full rights amongst the brands that have left a mark not only on the history of design but also on the social and commercial world of our country.

The choice of the new company name aims at further strengthening the group’s great popularity with the ambition not only of holding its own on the historical markets but also of establishing itself beyond national boundaries.

The passage of an icon such as Smemoranda from the first phase as a single brand to its consolidation into a group has required a graphic approach respectful of the original brand and its history. For this very reason the new Smemoranda Group logo has maintained those elements that guarantee continuity in terms of values and brand identity: the graphic font, the colour and, above all, the characteristic hand sketched apple. The apple rotated by 90° turns into the G of the word Group, highlighting how important the original project still remains in today’s evolution.