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Smemoranda Group S.p.A. is the holding company of a Group that, from the origins of the iconic Smemoranda, has distinguished itself in recent years for a series of aggregations that led to the construction of a platform of brands and media contents characterized by a common value system, becoming a leading multi-channel and multimedia operator active in the Stationery, Bags & Accessories sector and in the Media & Entertainment sector. 

Strong of the Smemoranda, Zelig, Nava, MH Way and Talent Manager brands – iconic and characterized by a high distinctive capacity – and thanks to the numerous contracts for the distribution and licensing of third-party brands, today Smemoranda Group is a multi-channel and multimedia platform able to create, promote and distribute products, services and media content to third-party companies and to a wide audience of loyal consumers.

Our Companies

GUT Distribution Srl is the trading company of Smemoranda Group.
A company that over the years has been able to grow and become a leader in the stationery sector thanks to three strategic key-points:

  • Its ability to create and grow its proprietary brands
  • Its ability to distribute and market products made by other firms
  • Its competence in managing national and international licenses, making them successful in the core Italian reference market

Every year, more than 25% of Italian students carry in their backpacks products created, selected and distributed by GUT Distribution.
Gut Distribution, constantly looking for new materials, shapes and colors for its proposals, dedicates care, attention and curiosity to the latest products entering the international market.


C’Art, in the stationery market since the ‘90s, has developed a network of stores under direct control and under franchise and has become, by number of stores and sales volume, the only real chain of stationery stores in Italy.

In October 2015, C’Art Group Srl, a company 100% owned by Smemoranda Group, gained at an auction sale the C’Art business, strengthening its direct control of the retail channel.


Nava Design Srl is the new company 100% controlled by Smemoranda Group, which acquired the Nava Design business. In more than thirty years of presence in the national and international markets, Nava has turned its products into icons of world design also available at various Museums and Foundations worldwide.

Nava Design Srl designs and produces bags, backpacks, agendas, notepads, watches, characterized by their refined materials, quality and innovation.

From 1 January 2019 Nava Design Srl produces and distributes the Nava and MH Way brands.

www.navadesign.com www.mhway.it

Digital GUT Srl carries out original and effective “EMPLOYER BRANDING” projects which are unique in the market.

It helps young people in their search of a study and work path and provides companies looking for talent with websites and web services.

It creates formats and ironic content used to introduce and promote the companies, the brands and the products of its Clients.

Digital GUT Srl is the perfect communication agency to address young.

www.talentmanager.com www.hrweb.it

Crazy Bell Agency Srl was founded in 2014 for studying, selecting and acquiring national and international licenses, for realizing commercial projects by exploiting major brands under license and for starting up tight partnerships with some of the world’s most important companies.

The Management of Crazy Bell Agency Srl, thanks to twenty years of experience in the international licensing market, is able to handle comprehensively all activities connected to the license of its Clients’ brands (sales plans, style guides, contracts and creativity), both with reference to the licensor and to the licensee.


Bananas s.r.l. was created in 1995, and it has its origins in the historic group of autors and comedians of Zelig, the famous theatre situated in Viale Monza in Milan: Gino e Michele, Giancarlo Bozzo, Paolo Rossi, Giobbe Covatta, Antonio Albanese, Lella Costa, Enrico Bertolino, Claudio Bisio, Raul Cremona, Dario Vergassola, Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Gialappa’s Band, Elio e le Storie Tese.

Soon Bananas becomes the essential force of the Zelig production and promoter of TV formats that have made history of the Italian comedy and the ideation and production of the real successful brand entertainment.

Factory that have been producing theatre shows, sit-coms and many among the most important comic tv shows, acclaimed by the TV audience and become actual representative of the popular entertainment culture.

Manifestation and obvious consequence of this eclecticism, originality and fame is the choice of the brand Zelig, as well as the one of Bananas, which originate from and are inspired by one of the most famous and talented authors, comedians and directors in the history of entertainment movies.

Under the guidance of Roberto Bosatra, during the years Banans have been growing into a versatile, inventive and highly and strategically effective production company, dealing with the artists’ management, talent scouting and branded entertainment. Author of contents and executive producer of conventions, training, team building, events and ad hoc entertainment designs transmitting specific brand targets.

Bananas is a pioneer of tv and movie productions, it has been producing original and successful format for the TV, the Web, the Theatre, the Advertisement, Filmmaking and Branded Content; progressively thanks to its know-how, Bananas becomes creator of actual architectures of production and content communication, managing the entire process of creation, execution, development and distribution. At the same time it continues to discover, enhance and introduce artists, authors and partners capable of offering added value to any project. Unrestrainable, Banans remains forerunner and pioneer as in formats and in content as in means and technologies thanks to its broadcaster interlocutors of the main publisher groups.

From January 2019 Bananas changes its name in Zelig Media Company.




First edition of the “Smemoranda” Diary, produced and distributed by Cooperativa Smemoranda.



Establishment of GUT Edizioni in order to market the “Smemoranda” Diary.



Acquisition of the “Smemoranda” business, including the brand, from Cooperativa Smemoranda, a not-for-profit entity.



  • GUT Distribution Srl was born for marketing the Group’s brands and for distributing major brands under license.


Strategic alliance with the Feltrinelli Publishing Group that acquires 20% of GUT Edizioni.



Lease, through the C’Art Group, of the C’Art company branch for developing the presence of the distribution market in the retail channel.



Start-up of Crazy Bell Agency Srl, the international licensing agency.



  • In July for the development of its Web activities, the GUT Group finalized the acquisition of the HRWeb Tech company branch.
  • In October, at a competitive auction sale, the C’Art Group won definitively the C’Art company.


  • Since the first of January, with the acquisition of the Nava Design company, the GUT Group enters the Lifestyle-Stationery industry.
  • The web activities of the GUT Group converge in the new Digital GUT company.


Starting from April 27th GUT Edizioni has joined the ELITE program of the Italian Stock Exchange in order to give more impetus to its growth and internationalization projects.



  • Buyout MH Way, design brand founded by Makio Hasuike
  • Opening C’Art Store in Miami and Shanga
  • Achievement of the ELITE Quality Certification


  • Opening Zelig TV, a free-to-air television channel (digital terrestrial channel 63), a production centre and a web TV
  • Launch of S bag, the new brand of ecological bags by Smemoranda


  • From January 2019 Bananas changes its name in Zelig Media Company
  • From January Nava Design srl produces and distributes the Nava and MH Way brands
  • From April 2019 Gut Edizioni changes its name in Smemoranda Group

Our mission

Smemoranda Group aims to be the leading player – for teenagers, young adults and “the forever young” – in the development, creation and multichannel marketing (in Italy and abroad) of products, services and general and humorous editorial content, an offer fully characterized by the Italian know-how.

Our strengths

Property Brands with a long-standing history and high consumer loyalty

Scouting expertise concerning Licensed Brands

Strategic management of Non-Proprietary Brands

Ability to manage and develop editorial content

Direct control of Stationery & Back-to-School product distribution channels

Direct presence in the Retail Distribution


Smemoranda Group

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